We are excited share with you that Pingala has partnered with Barnardos Australia, a leading child protection agency, to deliver a community energy project that will benefit both the environment and the children.

The project involves the installation of a solar system on the roof of Barnardos’ head office in Ultimo, which will be funded by the City of Sydney’s Environmental Grants program. The solar system will reduce the centre’s electricity bills and carbon footprint.

Pingala has been supporting Barnardos in gaining and assessing quotes as well as looking at various technology options for the multi metered building. 


This project wants to create awareness about the effects of climate change, especially for future generations. The team at Barnardos developed this simple explanation of climate change. Voice by local Indigenous actor Luke Carroll.


With the support of Barnardos, Pingala was able to conduct a Solar Education Session with the kids at Yurungai Learning Center. The kids at Yurungai were able to answer questions they had about solar and sustainability, write their own story, design their dream sustainable house, and build a solar robot.

Science is really fun!

Yurungai student


The final part of the project was to install 14kW of solar on Barnardos Australia office in Ultimo. This will reduce electricity needed from the grid by about 70kWh per year and off-set almost a tonne of CO2-e over they system life.

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