New project!

Axon Energy and Pingala have teamed up to install a solar system on Casey’s Brewery in Jamisontown funded by Pingala’s Community Co-op and at no upfront cost to Casey’s. Projects like this help more businesses go solar and return the benefits back to the community.

Each year on average this will mean…

11,300 kW hrs

of solar will be produced

8 tonnes

of CO2 will be avoided

37,000 bottles

of solar beer will be produced

The project funds the installation of 6.6kW of solar PV for Casey’s brewery in Jamisontown (southside of Penrith) in Sydney’s West. Equivalent to 40 packets of shares! 

Casey’s is an independent 1,800 litre production brewery, owner-operated and boasts 8 different types of beer that can be sampled in it’s taproom. 

This is the first time the Pingala Cooperative has solely funded the project from its own capital, marking a milestone for us. We are starting to reinvest the capital from earlier projects to initiate new ones, increasing our foundation and bringing more benefits to the community. 

Pingala’s partner in this endeavour is Axon Energy, who will operate the solar installation and has a PPA with Casey’s. Axon will own the system for 10 years and be making the payments to the Co-op from the revenue of the PPA.  

The system will be orientated half to the north east and the other half to the north west, giving Casey’s access to solar power in both the early morning and late afternoon. From the grid power offset, the system will save about 8 tons of carbon dioxide per year, the equivalent of 233,000 km less travelled over its lifetime. 

We hope that this project is the beginning of a fruitful collaboration between Pingala and Axon Energy to see more community solar projects across Sydney.

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