Pingala has been confirmed as a Regional Community Energy Fund (RCEF) recipient by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry & Environment (DPIE). 

Together with our project partners, Community Power Agency (CPA) and Komo Energy, we will be working over the next 12-18 months on Australia’s first grid connected Solar Garden. 

Solar Gardens are a fabulous new opportunity for communities to get involved in the energy system. Pioneered in Germany and the USA, these community owned projects return the benefits of renewable energy back to the community and give the public more insight and involvement into the otherwise misunderstood world of the electricity market. 

At Pingala we love any opportunity to explore new models for the community and for over 7 years have been developing the concept of an energy citizen, someone who is actively looking at where their energy comes from and making environmentally sound decisions on how they use their energy and where it comes from. 

Nigel Hancock will be Pingala’s coordinator on the project. Nigel has been involved in Pingala since its founding and our Treasurer for the last 5 years. The project will take the coordination of multiple organisations and volunteers from across the state.