Expressions of Interest

Information for those wishing to purchase membership shares in the Pingala Co-operative Ltd.

The Pingala Co-op is opening up to more members.

The Pingala Co-op wants to support more businesses to instal solar. Do you want to join us on this journey?

Whether you are an existing member looking to invest more or are yet to join, letting us know your interest in purchasing shares helps us plan our projects and grow our community. 

You can complete the form below with no obligation to purchase the shares and can decline an offer to purchase at any time. We only ask that you consider what you would reasonably be interested in if your circumstances don’t change. Should your EOI be successful, you will receive an application and offer to purchase shares at a later date.

Rules – our constitution

Co-operatives have a constitution just like companies do, but they’re called Rules. The Rules set out the ways in which the Co-operative operates, the obligations of members, the purpose of the organisation and the way in which meetings are run and so forth.

Disclosure Statement – a bit like a prospectus

Pingala Co-operative is a for-profit entity. Technically this is what is known as a distributing co-operative. That’s just a fancy way of saying we distribute surplus/profit to our shareholders. So, we’re a for-profit Co-op.

Just like a company needing to issue a prospectus if they make a public offer to investors, our Co-operative must always have an up-to-date Disclosure Statement that outlines the financial involvement and liability of member-investors as well as the overall prospects of the organisation into the future.

This is your main document to determine what sort of investment you’ll be making if you were to become a member and buy shares. The document includes a section on risk, which you should pay particular attention to (although all parts of the document need your attention, so don’t just read the risk section!)

Get to know our projects

If you become a member of the Pingala Co-op you join a community supporting the installation of solar systems. The Co-op as a whole relies on these projects to operate and provide dividends. 
You can read about our projects by cycling through some of them below. 

Help support the Axon Energy partnership 

Axon Energy has partnered with Pingala to install new solar systems on business across Australia.

Shares sold will fund ongoing installation of systems on a variety of business, not just one at a time.

You can read more about the Axon Energy partnership here or find out more about our projects and what we do below.

Barnardos Partnership

We are excited share with you that Pingala has partnered with Barnardos Australia, a leading child protection agency, to deliver a community energy project that will benefit both the environment and the children. The project involves the installation of a solar system...

Axon Energy Partnership

The Pingala Co-op and Axon Energy have entered into an agreement that both how will allow for more community solar installations to be installed more quickly and with less administration. 

To do this, the Pingala Co-op has pre-approved a loan facility to Axon Energy for $150,000 that Axon can draw down on any time they have a new project ready to be installed. 

Montecatini Smallgoods

Pingala and Axon Energy have installed a 13.3 kW on the roof of Montecatini SmallGoods, covering 62% of their energy bill and will primarily cover their refrigeration needs. Montecatini manufactures salamis and other Italian style sausages, and are a wholesaler of...

4Pines Community Energy Partnership

We are no longer accepting expressions of interest. Congratulations to the lucky investors who made the draw. We'll be in touch soon with instructions for becoming a member and investor in the Pingala Co-operative. Hello to all 4 Pines Community! Welcome to Pingala's...

Casey’s Brewery joins the solar beer movement

  New project! Axon Energy and Pingala have teamed up to install a solar system on Casey’s Brewery in Jamisontown funded by Pingala’s Community Co-op and at no upfront cost to Casey’s. Projects like this help more businesses go solar and return the benefits back...
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