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Hi, we’re Pingala. We’re a social enterprise of everyday people working together to make affordable, clean, renewable energy accessible to everyone, no matter where you live or how much you earn.

For too long a handful of big corporations have dominated energy production, putting the profits of their shareholders before the needs of communities – but there is a better way.

We have a vision of a world where renewable energy is plentiful, produced locally by small, community-led suppliers. Where the profits made stay in the hands of residents, businesses and community groups. Where towns, regions, cities come together to determine and decide how they want to power their lives.

Founded by a group of passionate, like-minded everyday Australians, we fund, support and oversee the construction of renewable energy projects that are owned and operated by the people, for the people. Because communities should get to decide, together, what to do with their power and any profits made.

We got our start with a campaign in 2016, when we financed a community-owned renewables system at Young Henry’s, a brewery in Newtown, that saw solar panels and batteries built on-site. Based on that success we’ve gone on to help non-profits, healthcare services, small businesses and even an entire town, with the Haystacks Solar Gardens, fund transformative renewable energy projects that have helped them achieve energy independence and take control of their profits. 

We believe that energy production should be decentralised, decarbonised and democratised – and we’re willing to roll up our sleeves and put in the work to make it a reality.

Meet our Board
Monica Richter

Monica Richter

Public Officer

Monica Richter is a professional Economist and Social Ecologist with over 20 years’ experience across a variety of environmental issues including sustainable cities and the built environment, climate and renewable energy, circular economy, engaging supply chains, the SDGs and driving innovative solutions. 

Monica has worked for a number of not for profit organisations such as WWF, Australian Conservation Foundation, World Animal Protection and Greenpeace. 

Monica is a thought leader across many of today’s major sustainability challenges and has been invited to participate in multiple forums. 

She is also a Board member of the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) and chair of the Mercury Cooperative Centre.

Sarah Lukeman

Sarah Lukeman


Sarah Lukeman was elected to Singleton Council 2016-2021 as an Independent, where she advocated for a just transition for coal mining communities throughout Australia. She chaired Singleton Council’s Sustainability Committee and is a member of Hunter Renewal and Hunter Jobs Alliance. She has a Chemical Engineering degree and worked for 10 years in the mining industry in Australia and South Africa in corporate research, business improvement and environmental management. She has also worked as a Sustainability Consultant, Community Involvement expert, Tai Chi instructor and small business owner and lives on Wonnaruah country in the Hunter.

Sarah has extensive experience in strategic planning, policy development and governance of not-for-profit organisations in regional Australia and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a member of Women on Boards and the Institute of Community Directors Australia. She invested in the Pingala Co-operative with the Allambi Care Project, joined the Executive in 2021 and was elected Chair in August 2023.

Kristyn Glanville

Kristyn Glanville

Member Director

Kristyn is an environment, planning, and climate change lawyer at a global law firm. Kristyn is also a Scientia PhD Scholar at University of New South Wales, completing a PhD focusing on environmental crime such as water theft.  Kristyn was a finalist in the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 Awards in the Planning and Environment in 2019 and 2020, and Pro Bono category in 2019.

Kristyn is local organiser for a number of environmental and conservation organisations, including Northern Beaches chapters of the Australian Conservation Foundation, and Save Our Coasts.

Tim Whiting

Tim Whiting

Member Director
Tim is passionate about the sustainability sector and achieving solutions to major problems facing both our community and country. This aligns strongly with Pingala’s primary vision of building fairer and cleaner energy systems that empower communities to both own and operate their own energy systems, which ultimately shares the benefits of the opportunities and distributes these equally.

Tim’s aim is to contribute to this vision through governance and leadership in his position on the board, in addition to being a shareholder and member. His background involves numerous finance based experience through his roles with the professional services firm PwC. More recently he has held positions in risk, regulation and compliance both in commercial environments, across a number of industries and in a consulting capacity.  

He has a strong belief that a board’s fundamental role is to be accountable for creating and delivering value and as one of the directors and secretary of the Pingala CoOperative, will contribute through effective governance, guiding and reviewing the strategic direction and monitoring its implementation by Management.

Parshva Shah

Member Director

Parshva Shah is based in Melbourne and an avid advocate for the change to cleaner and greener energy. He was an early adopter of rooftop solar and has recently taken a more active approach to promoting and growing the clean energy transition by getting involved in community sustainability programs.

He brings in depth knowledge of project management and contract negotiation experience through years of experience within manufacturing. Parsh is looking forward to working with fellow volunteers to make a positive and significant impact in communities across the country.

Nicholas Tyral

Member Director

 Nicholas is passionate about the environment and how local initiatives like Pingala can help address global problems. Nicholas is a project and customer experience manager and has worked across both large and small organisations including Qantas and Queensland Rail.

 Throughout his career working in program and project delivery Nicholas has always had a keen focus on telling a clear and compelling story. Through engaging with people, having a clear vision and setting up the right structures Nicholas believes that anything can be achieved. He also has a keen interest in social enterprise having volunteered previously for organisations and initiatives in the UK and Australia. 

 Nicholas became a member of the Pingala co-operative during the fund raising for the 4 Pines project and is a local from the inner west of Sydney. He has a Bachelor of Arts and Commerce from the University of Sydney majoring in Economics, International Business and Government Relations. 

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