Our Projects

We install solar onto businesses and not-for-profits that share our values, raising capital from the community connected to those sites
Do you have a project in mind?
Your community are our shareholders

Pingala’s business model has a Co-operative at its core. This is the cornerstone of our model and differentiates us from other groups.

Engage your community like never before
  • Have 100s shareholders per project
  • Manage the project through one entity and therefore like one community
  • Unlike other companies, our shareholders are our members and thus we maintain a personal connection with them, as well as managing a Shareholder Registry
  • We make projects accessible as our lowest share offering is $250, making us a truly community investment vehicle
Benefit from power that is not just Green, but community supporting

As your business pays for the use of the solar panels, Pingala will be providing returns to it’s community members in return for their investment. This means that the environmental, socail and economic benefits are kept close to home. 



Helping businesses and not-for-profits transition to renewable energy

A business or NFP (the site) wants to do solar and loves the idea of community investment their project
They contact Pingala and provide a copy of an electricity bill to enable us to do some solar modelling
We draw up a proposal for solar on the site and incorporate our community finance option
The site loves the proposal and agrees to progress to installing and engaging the community
We hold an event to talk about the solar project and what it would mean for a member of the community to invest
All capital is raised from the community and we can install the solar!


The site gets a solar system on their roof, funded by their community, they pay for the electricity it produces and the community investors receive a dividend for their investment

You now have the opportunity to step up and take back the power
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