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Hi, we’re Pingala.

Hi, we’re Pingala. We’re a social enterprise of everyday people working together to make affordable, clean, renewable energy accessible to everyone, no matter where you live or how much you earn.

For too long a handful of big corporations have dominated energy production, putting the profits of their shareholders before the needs of communities – but there is a better way.

We have a vision of a world where renewable energy is plentiful, produced locally by small, community-led suppliers. Where the profits made stay in the hands of residents, businesses and community groups. Where towns, regions, cities come together to determine and decide how they want to power their lives.

What We Do

Solar Gardens

Cheap, clean solar power should be available to every household, no matter your income. That’s why we support and fund solar gardens, where community members invest to build, own and benefit from solar – together.

Social Housing

Every home should be able to benefit from cheap, clean solar energy – but for too long those in public and social housing have missed out. That’s why we fund and install community owned solar power for social housing residents. 


It’s not just homes that can benefit from solar. That’s why we work together with businesses and organisations that share our values to build and install crowdfunded, community-owned, solar and batteries.


Every community should be in control of their own energy destiny. That’s why we work closely to support grassroots movements to achieve energy independence with community solar and batteries.